Sinus infections symptoms usually vary from which regions are affected. It is because there are four parts of the paranasal symptoms, all of which pertain to a specific region in the paranasal.

Sinus infections symptomsNot only that, but acute sinus infections and chronic sinus infections have different symptoms. Acute sinus infections provide a general feeling of discomfort while chronic sinus infections can be a little more distracting and even more severe.

Sinus Infection Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of sinus infections depend upon which sinuses are affected and whether the sinus infection is acute or chronic.

With Acute sinusitis, a Fever is common, nasal drip where mucus is dripping into the throat and is often accompanied by a sore throat

Ethmoid sinusitis is behind the eyes ( a condition that this site is focused on), signs could be some form of Nasal congestion with discharge, pain or pressure around the inner corner of the eye or down one side of the nose.  A headache in the temple, or surrounding possibly behind the eye.

Pain or pressure symptoms can be worse when coughing, straining, or lying on your  back and better when the head is upright

sinusThere are other forms of Sinusitis including, Maxillary sinusitis, the pain usually behind your cheekbones, Sphenoid sinusitis pain behind your eyes, usually with a deep headache with pain behind, and on top of the head, the forehead and behind the eyes. With Frontal sinusitis, the pain is usually around the forehead on one or both sides.

Acute ethmoid sinus infections usually affect the eyes or the region behind and around the eyes. The ethmoid sinus is the region in the paranasal located behind the eyes. Some of the symptoms include headache in the area surrounding the eyes or temples, pain around the eye sockets, or the inner corners. Usually accompanied by pressure, fever, nasal congestion with severe discharge. This type of sinus infection usually lasts some ten days to a little over two weeks; occurring some three times in a year.


Chronic ethmoid sinus infection is accompanied by: a chronic case of sore throat and bad breath due to the bacteria clogging the ethmoid sinus, severe pain when wearing glasses or during the later hours of the morning, an amount of discomfort in the bridge of the nose, chronic mucus discharge from the nasal cavities.