The sinuses protect the body from dust and other foreign particles. This is where mucus-like membranes and small hairs called cilia are located to filter out these foreign particles which are harmful to the body. As they serve this purpose, they are usually exposed and collect bacteria and other disease causing organisms.

After having wheezing attacks and colds for the past few weeks, maybe it is not just a sign of colds anymore. Perhaps it is something caused by bacterial infection affecting the ethmoid sinus. The ethmoid sinus are several discrete air cells located within the ethmoid bone between the nose and the eyes. The ethmoid bone is that bone in the skull which separates nasal cavity from the brain. The ethmoid sinus is one of the paranasal sinuses.

This series of wheezing and coughing might be a sign of ethmoid sinus disease or sinusitis. Ethmoid sinus disease or sinusitis is one of those soft-tissue diseases which are found to affect the paranasal sinuses. Ethmoid sinus disease is characterized by an inflammed sinus.

This is due to bone erosion or cavitary expansion or in common cases bacterial infection. Common home remedies to alleviate ethmoid sinus disease include putting a hot compress to the sinus area, drinking a lot of hot liquids to help you relax and a method cold pulsatile irrigation.

Of course, consultation with the doctor is important so as to diagnose the disease properly and prescribe the needed sinus medicine in order to get relieving sinus pressure and a remedy for sinus headache relief and indoor allergies.

Sinus Anatomy

Ethmoid sinusitis usually see symptoms of chronic nasal discharge, feeling like an obstruction with low-grade discomfort across the bridge of the nose, like a hard ball has hit it, a chronic sore throat and pain can be worse if wearing glasses.